Carla Klaskin - Candidate for District 63

Constitutional Conservative Christian

Fighting to Protect Faith / Family / Freedom

Faith First Always - as God our Creator is the author of life and freedom

· Pro Life – from conception to the grave

· Pro Constitution – it is our Nation’s governing document and should be honored and protected - we are watching the fabric of our nation being ripped apart – it’s time to step up and say no more – the tyrannies we have watched with the Covid lockdowns and forced vaccination policies and attempts have proven that we currently have a Federal Government and Administration that wants to rule and control us – and will do whatever they can to take every freedom and liberty from us that they feel hinders that agenda.

· Pro 2nd Amendment – an unarmed citizenry is at the mercy of a tyrannical government. Guns as opposed to mentally ill, violent people are being blamed for multiple shootings across the United States – guns are a mechanism, just as we have seen planes flying into buildings, SUVs running over people in parades, stabbings, and the lists goes on – each of these items were mechanisms for evil people to carry our evil. You cannot legislate morality – where there is a lust for evil, evil will happen no matter the mechanism. We must protect our right to bear arms as it was never about hunting as Democrats like to say – it was 250+ years ago and still today 100% about protecting the People from a tyrannical government that would seek to do exactly what ours is seeking to do now. What an amazing thing to realize that our forefathers had the prophetic foresight to protect us then for such a time as this.

Family – our families are being attacked and dismantled and it is up the people to fight against legislation and indoctrination of our children and attempts to destroy the nuclear family.

Freedom – our freedoms and liberties are being targeted and stripped away – now is the time to fight to take our nation back. It cannot be just the legislators that do the fighting – it must be the people – it must be the Christians and Conservatives who will go to battle for our Constitution. Next to the Bible there is no other more important document in our Nation.

Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility

· Against Medicaid Expansion - 80% of our State budget goes to Social Services of that 71% is for the recent Medicaid Expansion and Education – this leaves only 20% for the remainder of all State spending including infrastructure.

· Pro Infrastructure – we need to find equitable ways to provide needed infrastructure without more increased gas taxes, however we must also look out for our farmers who are part of the lifeblood or our State – they are being hurt by not receiving the infrastructure dollars that are needed to repair roads and bridges that allow them to have access to their farms. We depend on these farmers for much of our food source and yet we do not provide for their needs. The most recent budget of the $287 Billion allotted for infrastructure – we finally have designated $100 billion to agriculture – this has been way to long in coming.

· Pro TIF reform – supportive of very short-term subsidies until a business is operational - but not long term TIFs – taxpayers cannot afford the ineffectiveness of long term TIFs

· Against Low Income Tax Credits (LIHTC) – it’s an ineffective program – for every $1 spent the program offers a return on investment of only .11 cents.

· Pro Income Tax Reform

· Pro Modernizing Missouri’s Unemployment System

· Pro Budgetary Reform – we are spending at record levels; we are not adequately prepared for an economic downturn and recession and Moody analytics has rated Missouri as one of the least prepared states in the country for economic downturn.

Education & School Safety

· Against CRT and Transgender males playing in women’s sports

· Against books that promote sexualized content of any form in our school libraries

· Pro Resource Officers in school and the utilization of retired military - I am also supportive of armed teachers that are willing to carry and have been trained and/or have previous law enforcement or military service backgrounds.

· Pro Statewide School Choice – ensuring that parent paid tax dollars follow the student’s educational path instead of the public schools - not every child learns under the same types of teaching - children should not be held back at academically succeeding because they learn and grow differently than a public education can provide.

· Fighting for The Parents Rights Bill - despite the opposition of School Administrators and Teachers Unions - As parents we need to have full access to what our students are being taught, access to all school board meetings and a voice to protect our children from bad MOSBA policies and practices such as CRT, obscene filth in the books that are being bought with tax dollars, schools adding divisive questions and content to testing, privilege walks and zero tolerance policies. All of these things divide our children and create a culture of racism - they do not help eliminate it.

Defending the Vulnerable in Society and Fighting against any attempts to defund the Police

· Child Abuse protections – ensuring there is adequate funding for Child Advocacy Centers

· Domestic violence protections and job training programs – these are needed to help domestic violence survivors get training for higher paying jobs so they will not fall back into an abusive situation out of survival necessity

Protecting Law Enforcement - for far too long we have stood by as a nation and watched our police officers be made into villains - because of a few bad actors - however, we need to teach our children, from every culture and community, that these officers as a majority, set out every day to protect and defend them. We victimize law breakers, and we villainize law enforcement - the 2020 summer riots only added to the success of tearing apart the protectors of our nation - this has to stop!!!